At the Grove we aim to position people, organizations, businesses, and communities for their effective future. The Grove is a new kind of space encouraging and supporting people in their work and the development of the new ideas that are solving the social, environmental, economic, and urban problems we face today. The Grove is more than just a space, it is a dynamic community of social innovators, independents, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers that are the new face of New Haven.



Thoughtfully Designed

Intentionally designed to foster collaboration & innovative thinking. Over 8,000 square feet. Collaborative, dedicated, & private space to suite everyones style of work. 3 meeting rooms as well as a spacious conference room for you to hold your next workshop or board retreat.

Technology & Tools

It’s important to have the right technology and tools to get the job done. We’ve got high speed wifi, print/copy, projector, white boards, resource library, and all most anything else you might need to get your idea to the next level.

Collaborative Ecology

Here you’ll find individuals who value collaboration & knowledge sharing. Collaboration helps us reach beyond our current sphere to expand our impact. It’s this type of ecology that drives new initiatives & high growth.

Diverse Community

Packed with a diversity of skilled individuals who makeup the soul of our space. From engaging youth to building mobile apps, from online marketing to community organizing, there is no other place you will find this type of diverse, interesting, and thoughtful community.


Join our growing community

Cowork at The Grove

Come join the ranks of a seriously diverse and creative community of freelancers, startups, nonprofits, and innovators. It’s a motley crew who fondly call themselves Grovers, and they’re pretty super.

Get Involved

We're passionate about bringing people together to learn, grow and collaborate in an open learning environment. All of our programs help facilitate a unique way of learning new skills and sharing the ones you already have. We believe in the individuals contribution and pursue avenues that help them share it.

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The Workbench

The Workbench is a skill sharing event from either an individual with a passion or a panel of enthusiasts.

Social Media Sync

Social Media Sync was started shortly after The Grove opened its doors and has been serving up hot pancakes and innovative social media strategies ever since.

Office Hours

Office Hours is our internal mentoring network where members coach one another.

Located in the 9th Square

760 Chapel St.